Getting fast results from therapy


When you approach a psychotherapist for any kind of therapy, you will not know how long it will take for one to get the expected results. Often you to the therapist and start your therapy without getting any commitment from the terapeut on the results. This is not very appealing to many people as a result they do not want to see a therapist.

The question however is whether it is possible for any therapist to promise results? Unlike the other ailments that we suffer whereby the doctors give us a tentative time for which we may need to go through the medication after which they will run the tests and if required they ask us to continue or if we are cured the medication will be stopped. Something like this could not possibly be done with psychotherapy because the psychotherapist is dealing with one of the most complex entities of life and that is your mind.

What may seem to be like a simple problem may have many layers of other complex problems. It is therefore not possible even for the best terapeut Aarhus has to offer how much time one will exactly need to overcome the issue.

However, there are certain things one could do to speed up the process. One of the key ingredients here is your cooperation. If you are able to cooperate with your therapist 100% then the therapist will be able to help you get results fast. Here are few simple rules that you need to follow. Make it a point to meet your therapist regularly. If your therapist says that you need to meet once in a week, you should find time for the meeting. Do not skip your meetings and if you do you will remain where you are without any improvement. In some cases frequent meetings may be essential to overpower the domination of the destructive behavior. The therapist knows better when it comes to deciding the frequency of the meeting.

Secondly, look for a therapist who is easy to access not only during the therapy sessions but also outside the sessions. If you need to call your therapist for quick assistance they should be accessible to you through phone.

It is not enough to work on your problem only when you meet the therapist but you should be able to work on it even when you are away from the sessions. If you are asked to modify a certain behavior you should make genuine efforts to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. Without the genuine lifestyle changes it is not possible for you to get any results. No matter how long you work with your therapist and no matter how many sessions you have per month all these things will only be futile if you do not make the required lifestyle changes at your end. Your therapist will only be able to guide you and not live the life for you.

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