Your Sexual Urges Could Be Related to A Medical Disorder


Have you ever considered that something was wrong with you because you constantly feel this sexual urge of sensation in your genital area? Many people feel strange sexual urges and do not know how to handle them. Some people even feel that something could be possibly wrong with them to feel such intense and random sexual desires. It is important to realize that you could possibly be facing a serious medical disorder. Persistent genital arousal disorder also known as PGAD occurs when you experience random consistent stimulation of some kind in your genital area without even having any sexual thoughts or desire. Your sexual urges that you experience could possibly be unintentional and be related to an actual medical disorder of PGAD. 

According to, PGAD is when people become randomly sexually aroused without even feeling having a sexual desire of any kind. This disorder usually occurs with women. With men, it is referred to as priapism. Priapism with men occurs when they have an erection that lasts for hours without even having any stimulation or sexual thoughts that caused the erection. The genitals just happen to pretty much act on their own and develop their own stimulation. This can be completely depressing for many because it takes a toll on their lives. This disorder can cause someone to disrupt their daily routine and way of life. Some symptoms that are commonly experienced include: pressure, pain, irritation, clitoral tingling, throbbing, vaginal congestion, vaginal contractions, and even spontaneous orgasms. 

Many people who have this disorder don’t even realize that it is a disorder. Until you realize that your life becomes disrupted, you will soon realize that you will need treatment. There are many different treatment facilities all throughout the United States that assist in helping people receive the treatment they need to gain their life back. Dealing with PGAD can really take over someone’s life and prevent them from living a satisfying life. For example, if you practice religion and go to church, the last thing that you want to worry about is feeling sexual arousal in your genitals. You start to feel bad and blame yourself for being a bad person. PGAD is a real medical condition that you do not have any control of. You need to seek professional help for getting the treatment you need to better manage this disorder. Search for your nearest facility by searching: persistent genital arousal disorder san diego ca. From here you should receive a list of different medical clinic that specialize in this disorder. They offer excellent treatments that many other general doctors do not know of. Make sure to seek medical attention right away. 

PGAD can really take a toll on someone’s life. If you let it, this disorder can control you and stop you from living the life you always wanted to live. You do not have to feel bad and ashamed with yourself anymore. There are treatments available to those who are suffering from this medical disorder.