Martin Lloyd Sanders- Providing the Nation with High Quality Public Health Services


Every person in the nation is precious and this is where public health occupies paramount importance. Infections and disease can wipe out an entire population. Bio safety and bio technology are very important when it comes to prevent infections in crops. Everyone associated in the field of public health have to be alert and the responsibility for those in charge is huge!

Martin Lloyd Sanders- public health and its value to the nation

Capt Martin Lloyd Sanders was the Chief Scientist Officer at the United States Public Health Services or USPHS appointed by the Surgeon General of the nation. Along with the population of the nation, the livestock and the crops of the nation need to be protected from disease. He was in charge of bio security and led several strategic projects in the USA. He and his team were sincere when it comes to curbing the outbreak of epidemics and other infectious diseases that threatened the population and the crops of the nation.

Dedicated to his role to protect the population and nation

He has been responsible for recruitment and a series of development programs in the field. He says that everyone involved in the field of public health services plays a vital role in battling disease. He also states that the field is vast and everyone should focus on serving underprivileged people who do not have access to top quality healthcare services. He says that in most cases people are not aware of how to fight disease and take preventive measures when faced with potential threats. The professionals have the onus of informing and educating people so that they are better equipped at battling disease.

Science and research in the field are needed to a large extent in the field

CAPT Martin Lloyd is a decorated army officer who has dedicatedly served the nation in the past. He has been a recipient of several awards in the field of bio-security and public health, some of the notable awards bestowed on him were Derek Dunn Memorial Scientist Officer of the Year in 2007 and the US Army Achievement Medal in 2001. He says that when it comes to the issue of bio safety and public health, investments should be made for science and research. This will help scientists create cures and preventive treatment to curb the outbreak of diseases. He also points out that farmers need to be educated and informed on the possible threats to their livestock and crops. This is where awareness programs have to be increased so that they are alert and ensure that their crops and livestock are protected.

Martin Lloyd Sanders says that the field of public health in the nation offers a number of lucrative careers to those who are fond of science and research. He is a mentor and a guide to aspirants that wish to be a part of this field. Of course, there is a lot of work and staff responsibilities are huge. He says that every nation should focus on their public health services so that they can protect their population along with livestock and crops with success!