Correcting Hormonal Imbalance


I am just one of hundreds, thousands, and in fact millions of women who have been dismissed when attempting to treat and heal my personal health concerns. Women with thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, various autoimmune diseases, hormonal dysfunction, IBS and so much more are often demeaned or told their issues are “all in their head.”

It’s been 100 years since the women’s right to vote, and here we are still trying to access our rights to quality health care. Contemporary women like myself have given up. The access to healthcare is not coming quick enough. In fact, most women don’t expect quality health care to appear at all because the route towards healing is not even taught in modern medical schools You see, the route towards true healing for most of the above mentioned conditions is not really just one single pill.

Intricate systems like the reproductive and the nervous endocrine system require more than a pill or series of pills to heal. This is why functional medical doctors, dietitians, herbalists, and other “alternative” healthcare practitioners are now more trusted than the primary care practitioner. When I started my journey towards health, I was a complete novice. I did not understand what to do when I still felt horrible and every single practitioner told me I was “normal.”

It was after the 7th doctor that I realized this was not going to get fixed by someone else, I had to take the reins. Health practitioners like Alisa Vitti had a bit of a leg up on people like me. When diagnosed with PCOS and given horrible news of what to expect, she was also studying at one of the best medical schools in the world. Luckily for her she had a foundational knowledge and some peer-reviewed articles to get her started. She now has her own practice and helps women balance their hormones.

When I first started taking a look into hormonal balance, yes I changed my diet and added in some supplements, but the most alarming and perhaps most stealth contributor to my imbalance was environmental toxins. Aviva Romm’s article on environmental toxins really illustrates that toxins are absolutely everywhere, in your cleaning products, cookware, and ladies, in your cosmetics. I’m including lotion in the category of cosmetics. For me, cosmetics were the last thing I started to clean up, but maybe they should have been the first. Afterall, we put cosmetics and lotions all over our skin which the Chinese refer to as the third lung. Every time we apply cosmetics our skin is literally breathing in toxins- toxins that are phytoestrogenic and wreak havoc on our hormones.

When googling clean beauty products I found brands like May Lindstrom were fantastic but not super affordable at least for me. I used recipes from Rosemary Gladstar and now will use nothing but her face cream which I make myself. For makeup I was a little more lost but loved the cream blushes from Kjaer Weis,and found this article on organic lipstick to be extremely insightful. So, if you’re ready to start balancing your hormones, absolutely eat all of the kelp, seeds, and nuts to help your body regulate but don’t forget the toxins, and certainly not the ones you put directly onto your skin.