Choosing Healthy Nutritious Food When You Dine Out


We all love to dine out on occasion, but some of us are a little apprehensive about doing it because that can make it tougher to eat healthy. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your nutrition just to enjoy a meal out once in awhile.

It’s true that you have options when it comes to eating out though sometimes you are at the mercy of others who select the establishment in which you are all planning to meet and get something to eat. This can pose some challenges for choosing healthy nutritious items on the menu.

You may find it even tougher to do this when you visit any of the most popular fast food restaurant chains across the country, which aren’t exactly well known for their nutritional advantages. Eating is something you should enjoy doing and it shouldn’t turn into a daily struggle with caloric content and ingredient audits.

Sure, there are some of the obvious things you can do, like sharing a meal with someone else or ordering only a half portion. But not all restaurants are willing to accommodate special requests and sharing a dinner isn’t something you can always convince your table-mates to participate in.

You might also try to request that sauces and dressings be served “on the side” and this can also be helpful for ensuring that your meal is nutritious and avoids the an increase in fats and other less than healthy elements that you would rather not have in your meal. But this is no guarantee that your lunch or dinner won’t fall outside of your dietary requirements.

So let’s take the difficulties and guesswork out of eating healthy when you dine out, here are some tips for choosing nutritious food from your friends at Best Lunch Catering Richmond.

Know How to Order

It all starts by making your selections from the menu and learning how to order correctly will have a big impact on the nutritional value of what’s on your plate. So be careful about what you decide to order by creating a balanced meal through the selection of healthier options from all of the major food groups.

Select a lean protein, dairy that is low in fats, and be sure to remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. Don’t forget to incorporate some whole grains into your meal either. Salads are obviously among the healthiest of your options as you can create a number of combinations that bring together the best of the food groups.

Your salad will have all of the freshest produce available and you can also add some baked or grilled chicken or seafood to get protein and fiber into the mix. The dressing is up to you, but having it on the side allows you to control how much of it goes into your food. You might even want to ask about low-fat or healthier versions that might be available.

When it comes to sandwiches, go with options that are rich in veggies as well as meats that are lean, like turkey. Side dishes can also provide you with a healthy and nutritious meal and help satisfy your appetite at the same time.

Requesting Substitutions

Some restaurants may be more willing to do this than others, but for those establishments that are more than happy to accommodate special requests substitutions are often necessary for ensuring that you get a healthy and nutritious meal. You may be surprised at how many restaurants are not just ready to allow for substitutions but offer options for such on their menus.

Eating healthy is becoming more than just a trend but it’s growing in importance to consumers around the country, eager to enjoy meals that are lower in fats, sodium, and cholesterol. Good nutrition is being embraced by more people each and every day and the fast food chains are all too ready to offer their patrons meals that cater to these attitudes for better eating.

So if the meal you want doesn’t have the most nutritional benefit possible, ask to have certain items swapped out for those that are far more healthy for you. Instead of french fries ask for a salad or fruit. They can be a delicious alternative to the menu items that won’t benefit your well-being.

Plan Ahead

Eating healthy, nutritious meals is a lot simpler to accomplish when you do some planning before you arrive at the restaurant. This is a smart idea because you can avoid the temptations that might exist when you sit down at the table which can result in your ordering less than a nutritious meal.

So before you get to the eatery, look at the menu on their website and select the items that you feel are the most nutritious. This can allow you enough time to choose the right meal ahead of time and avoid any inclination towards going with something that isn’t as healthy. You may not even want to ask for a menu when you are seated since you already know what you’re going to eat.

Drinking Water

Good nutrition is also about staying fully hydrated and skipping beverages that are high in sugars, sodium, and artificial colorings. Fresh water is the better alternative for keeping that meal healthy and nutritious. Most restaurants will bring water to everyone at the table so drink up. Not only is it free, but it’s also the best beverage for you.

Staying hydrated is essential for your body’s internal organs and systems to work properly in order to make you feel your best at all times. When you are dehydrated you can start to feel tired, woozy, and dizzy and that’s not how you want to spend your day.

These are just some of the most helpful and effective methods for healthy eating. Always remember, you do have options when it comes to dining out and one of the most important to keep in mind is that you can always eat at a different restaurant if the one you’re currently sitting in doesn’t want to accommodate your dietary necessities.