Are you afraid of getting married?



Test Guide:


More and more young people are still single at the age of marriage. Some of them are not able to find theright partner, but are actively choosing not to marry. Do these people enjoy single life or fear of marriage? Are you not in it? Let’s test it.


Begin the Test:


  • Have you ever think about marriage?
  1. Yes (continue to question 2)
  2. No (continue to question 3)
  3. Sometimes (continue to question 4)
  • If you married with someone, what kind of life do you want to have?
  1. Enjoy the lovers’ world (continue to question 3)
  2. Have a baby as soon as possible (continue to question 4)
  3. Live with parents (continue to question 5)
  • What do you think to have a baby?
  1. Responsibility (continue to question 4)
  2. The bonds of marriage (continue to question 6)
  3. For love (continue to question 5)
  • You got married, a friend came later, but did not give red envelopes, you will?
  1. Feel strange (continue to question 6)
  2. Unhappy (continue to question 5)
  3. Never mind (continue to question 7)
  • People say that marriage is the tomb of love. You think the root cause is?
  1. People always have some troubles in their marriage (continue to question 7)
  2. Unacceptable (continue to question 10)
  3. Disagreement (continue to question 8)
  • Who do you want to do chores?
  1. Parents (continue to question 7)
  2. Ask your partner to do the chores (continue to question 9)
  3. Do by myself (continue to question 8)
  • If you could be a character from a fair tale, who do you want to be?
  1. Mermaid (continue to question 9)
  2. Prince charming (continue to Type D)
  3. Cinderella (continue to question 11)
  • Who do you think will influence your marriage?
  1. Parents (continue to question 11)
  2. Psychologist (continue to question 10)
  3. Friends (continue to question 9)
  • Do you think you will affairs after marriage??
  1. Yes (continue to Type B)
  2. No (continue to question 10)
  3. Maybe (continue to question 11)
  • If the other half betrays you, you will feel?
  1. Despair (continue to Type B)
  2. Overwhelmed (continue to question 11)
  3. Understandable (continue to Type C)
  • What do you think should be done before getting married?
  1. Medical examination (continue to Type E)
  2. Prenuptial agreement (continue to Type A)
  3. Choose the wedding location (continue to Type D)

Test Result:


Type A:        You are afraid of marriage because you have no confidence in marriage. You think marriage will change yourself and others and make both people unfree. The failure of the people around you makes you feel scared. You are not confident that you can go with a person for the rest of your life. In fact, this is a complete lack of self-confidence performance. To communicate with friends who are well-being with marriage, you can build confidence in marriage and get out of the shadows.


Type B:        You will not be afraid of marriage, but you do not want to get married. So you don’t think marriage is terrible. You think that marriage will lighten love and it will ruin love. So you will refuse to get married in order to maintain the freshness of love. In fact, communicate more with your lover and share more of each others’ feelings. I believe you will understand the meaning of marriage and be brave enough to enter marriage and get happiness.


Type C:        You do not fear marriage. You think that marriage is something that everyone experiences, and life is like this. You see everything is very light, that marriage is a part of life must go through, so you safely accept and do not resist. You don’t feel happy about life without passion, and you don’t feel the sweetness and fulfillment of marriage. It is recommended that you observe life more and listen to your lover’s thoughts. If you are serious about each day, you will find wonderful life.


Type D:        You don’t fear marriage, you just worry that the material foundation is not strong, and that life after marriage may not be happy. You will like a lover who is not rich, but to marry her, you have all kinds of concerns and concerns. It is very painful for you to enjoy the sweetness of love while bearing the worry of whether or not you marry each other, so you are afraid to step into marriage.


Type E: You do not fear marriage. However, if the other person’s health is poor, it will make you very worried. Because you have no sense of security, you worry that an unhealthy person can hardly accompany you for the rest of your life. For this reason, you will be upset.