What You Can Expect From Columbian Gold Seeds?


With a THC of around 15 percent to 20 percent, the Columbian Gold Seeds have over the years become amongst the favorites of the various marijuana connoisseurs of the world. With the strain’s various facets being similar to that of pure sativa, the Columbian Gold’s leaves portray a pastel green color with the buds outlining an amber color, hence earning its name of Columbian Gold. The Columbian Gold Seeds when burnt dispenses the most exquisite smoke which has an earthy and herb-like aroma. With an expanse of both psychoactive and medicinal benefits under its range, the Columbian Gold when consumed will push you into a different world. Still confused whether you should get your hands on this exquisite strain? To give you an idea, here is a list of a few things you can expect from Columbian Gold:

High level of cerebral thinking

The patrons of this strain have reported that Columbian Gold has a very dominant cerebral effect. With its duration of high, lasting longer than the average high, one of the main effects of Columbian Gold is it induces a powerful analytical mind in its user, making him execute any task even if it demands a high level of intellectual thinking.

Makes you an extrovert

If you are an introvert and looking for a boost in your personality, then you have come to the right place. As soon as the first blunt hits you, your brain would explode with creativity which would be complemented with a powerful need to socialize with others, which would make you the most talkative person in the room.

A cut above other strains

While other marijuana strains while fabricating the same above effects produce added demerits of paranoia, Columbian Gold produces no such side effect. The strain can be considered to be a cut above other strains, merely because it has the same strong effects as others but comes with no attached side effects.

Discharges bolts of energy

Not commonly used to soothe the body physically, the Columbian Gold is instead equipped with the ability to discharge bolts of energy into your body. A prime advantage of this burst of energy is that you can channelize it into productive activities ranging from exercising and hitting the gym to ticking off major goals on your to-do list. Moreover, it is also advised not to take it at night as it may keep you pumped throughout the night.

A wide range of medical benefits

As it comes with the merits of lifting your mood and boosting your cerebrum with high energy, Columbian Gold comes as a boon to patients suffering from various ailments and conditions. From lowering the symptoms of ADHD to treating depression and anxiety and also reducing the feelings nausea and headaches, Columbian Gold can be also said to be a complete medicinal plant.