Are you vulnerable to vacation syndrome during Chinese New Year?


Test Guide:

The holiday of the Chinese New Year makes us feel accustomed to the relaxed pace of life. It is precisely because of this that everyone usually appears to be ignorant when they return to work, mainly because of the dependence on the holiday. Want to know if you are prone to holiday syndrome? Take a look at the following questions.

Begin the Test:

  • Are you well-planed person?
  1. No (continue to question 3)
  2. Yes (continue to question 2)
  3. No plan at all (continue to question 4)
  • How do long vacations appear to you?
  1. Very well (continue to question 6)
  2. Nothing specious (continue to question 3)
  3. Waste of time (continue to question 4)
  • Friends invite you to sing all night, you will?
  1. Yes (continue to question 5)
  2. No (continue to question 6)
  3. Dependant (continue to question 4)
  • What will you most likely not to do in vacation?
  1. Go shopping (continue to question 6)
  2. Traveling (continue to question 5)
  3. Surfing the internet (continue to question 7)
  • The Lantern Festival will have fireworks. Your choice is?
  1. Colorful (continue to question 10)
  2. The kind of manual discharge (continue to question 8)
  3. No sound (continue to question 6)
  • On New Year’s Eve, there is a friend about you to play, your intention is?
  1. Hang out (continue to question 8)
  2. Asking friends to your home (continue to question 7)
  3. No (continue to question 9)
  • Usually, when will you clean up at home during the holidays?
  1. Before the holiday (continue to question 8)
  2. After the holiday (continue to question 7)
  3. During the holiday (continue to question 9)
  • During the holidays, if you have to choose a sports program, you will choose?
  1. Bowling (continue to Type B)
  2. Treadmill (continue to question 10)
  3. Badminton (continue to Type C)
  • When you are on vacation, your daily schedule is usually?
  1. Late (continue to Type D)
  2. Play whole night (continue to Type B)
  3. On time (continue to Type E)
  • Long vacation, your time is too much for what to do?
  1. Play (continue to Type A)
  2. Talking (continue to Type C)
  3. Watching news (continue to question 9)

Test Result:

Type A: When you took a long vacation, you played too much. After you took leave, you didn’t work. When you take a vacation, you will completely relax and leave your work or study behind. You will forget everything and only enjoy it. You play very hard and after the holiday is over, your heart is still in the holiday and you will not be working mode.

Type B: You are usually very busy, so your body and mind are tired. When you are on holiday, you can relax and you don’t have to worry about work. You usually want to relax and rest. But because you have a lot of thoughts, you can’t completely relax, you always worry about it, and you don’t get enough rest. . To get to work, you feel reluctant to leave and feel that you have not been able to enjoy the holidays and you have to start work again.

Type C:  In addition to working, you usually stay with your parents and family. In the long vacation, your greatest enjoyment is to meet with your friends. Don’t worry about going to work the next day. You will talk very late. To get to work, you want to stay away from these things and you will be very lost and very reconciled. However, it has already passed. What needs to be done is still to face it. We must also close our hearts to take it..

Type D: You are a person who is easy to lose your senses and will not control yourself at all. For what you like, you will desperately pursue it. This is not a long vacation, you naturally have to toss. Too tired to play, once you work, there is really no energy, you are naturally miserable.

Type E:  Your life is organized. Even during holidays, it is arranged according to the normal schedule. And you are very planning and will follow your own plan. The arrangement of the long vacation, you are already planning well, so the arrangements are very appropriate. You feel that the long vacation is only a few days innumerable days, nothing special. So you will not be affected by the holiday.